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Government Relations

Our attorneys and government relations team have a wide range of experience in how the law impacts business and government affairs. That’s why our thought leadership is regularly sought after by clients from a broad array of industries. For nearly 50 years, DHC has been a trusted partner to many businesses, real estate developers, large-scale commercial and residential property owners, construction companies, infrastructure and transportation engineering firms, technology developers, manufacturers, trade associations, higher education and healthcare institutions, as well as various museums, cultural and nonprofit organizations. Below are just a few of our success stories, we encourage you to explore them and we look forward to speaking with you to learn how we can bring greater value to your organization’s government affairs challenges and needs. 

AirTrain JFK

Developed a comprehensive strategic plan to engage the City Planning Commission, City Council, Community Boards, Borough President, elected officials, NYC Mayor's Office & labor unions to get the AirTrain built

When the Port Authority NY/NJ embarked on an over $2 billion project to develop the “train to the plane”, they hired DHC to navigate New York City’s land use process to bring the project from concept to completion. The monumental task required support from multiple constituents, including City Planning Commission, City Council,  various Community Boards, the Borough President’s office, the NYC Mayor’s office, many elected officials, labor unions and special interest community groups.

Brooklyn Chamber Of Commerce

Secured over $1.3M in Federal Grant funds from the Economic Development Administration to support small businesses and MWBE firms in Brooklyn communities

The Brooklyn Chamber (BCOC) is the largest and most diverse Chamber of Commerce in the State of New York and one of the largest in the country. It strives to connect their diverse group of member businesses to policy and political leaders at all levels of government. DHC is charged to make those connections on “the Hill” and with multiple federal agencies.

Center For Educational Innovation

Secured over $6M in 5 years from the Department of Education

The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) works with schools in New York and around the country to support students and educators and improve learning outcomes. DHC was called upon to provide federal funding assistance for teacher training. CEI is using the the funding to train teachers in NY and four additional states in arts-based instructional strategies. The program directly impacts teachers of students with developmental differences.

Clear Channel

Drafted a Bill that was sponsored, enacted and signed into law helping our client in a challenging situation

Clear Channel had a number of billboards in the City of New Rochelle, who decided they needed to be removed under an urban renewal program. DHC was asked to draw up a bill and secure its legislation to help Clear Channel keep this highly valued geographic target market in their media placement portfolio.

Co-Op City

Successfully combined government relations and legal jurisprudence so client could qualify for millions of dollars in benefits

Co-op City management was going through some capital improvements and wanted to know if they were eligible for a tax abatement program based on their $7M+ construction project. DHC was brought in to examine the existing law, determine a positive path forward and secure their eligibility of the tax abatement program.


Working with the House Financial Services Committee & Senate Finance Committee

eCurrency is a technology and security company that has spent the last decade researching and developing the technology behind the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). DHCs federal government team was brought onboard to lead discussions with policy makers and bring the eCurrency team to the table with lawmakers. 

Helen Keller National Center

In 6 years, DHC has increased Federal Appropriations from $8M to $19M for this world renowned institution

Helen Keller National Center (HNKC) has a long and exceptional history of providing much needed services to DeafBlind individuals that come to its facilities on Long Island. DHCs federal government team liaised with the House Appropriations Committee and Labor, Health & Human Services (LHHS) Subcommittee to find new funding that allowed them to expand their services. The increase in funding DHC was able to supply has helped HKNC to provide much needed services to Deaf-Blind individuals in New York and in states around to U.S.

Henry Viscardi School

Securing the annual funding necessary to a legendary educational institution

Our client needed to secure significant annual funding for one-to-one paraprofessionals for severely physically disabled and medically frail students at their K-12 school. DHCs state government team worked with the NYS legislature and Governor’s office to secure the required funding.

Hunts Point Produce Market

Secured $380 million for facility upgrades; $140M from New York State, $130M from New York City and $110M from the Federal Government

The Hunt Point Produce Market provides 60% of New York City’s produce and is responsible for over 10,000 jobs, moving over 210 million packages of produce a year, it is truly the lifeblood of food distribution throughout NYC and the greater region. In need of significant facility upgrades, DHCs city, state and federal teams were asked to devise a comprehensive strategic plan, working across multiple governmental landscapes to secure the millions of dollars required.

Logan Bus Company, Inc.

Secured a $1.5 billion School Bus contract with NYC

Logan is the largest provider of school buses to the New York City Department of Education. Facing a contract expiration, the client was hoping to secure a long-term contract with the City while also in negotiations with several labor unions whose contracts were likewise expiring. DHC was charged with creating a comprehensive government affairs strategy to achieve multiple initiatives.

Madelaine Chocolate Company

Secured $10M grant and real estate tax relief from the City and $15M loan from the Small Business Administration after Superstorm Sandy

The Madelaine Chocolate Company has been a client for almost 40 years and is a premier manufacturer of foil-wrapped chocolate novelty items. After suffering devastating losses during Superstorm Sandy, DHCs government team was brought in to quickly find the necessary funds and support to rebuild and reopen their operation.

Production Initiatives Association

The Production Initiatives Association (PIA) is an advocacy group formed by a large group of small businesses throughout New York State which is supported by the Film Tax Credit.

These businesses (including car rental, lumber, lighting, and staging companies), are not direct beneficiaries of the tax credit, however, employ thousands of New Yorkers, and with the film studios expending millions of dollars, New York State’s tax base is increased far above any tax spend.

San Gennaro Festival

For over 20 years helping to bring this near century old festival to NYC and the world

The Feast of San Gennaro has been taking place in New York City’s Little Italy since 1926 and is recognized around the world as an 11-day event which stretches 11 blocks of the neighborhood. Since 2000, DHCs city government relations team has been their trusted partner to assure all their government affairs needs, required permits and support are seamlessly handled to ensure a safe, secure and successful festival.

Storm King Art Center

Established in 1960, Storm King Art Center is a 500-acre outdoor museum located in New York's Hudson Valley

Learn how the DHC Government Relations team helped Storm King pursue funding at the state and federal levels of government; to increase engagement with this important group of stakeholders and secured a $7.5 million grant in the process. 

Touro University

Over 30 years of working at the City, State and Federal levels to ensure a strong bond between government agencies, elected officials and the school

Since 1991, DHC has provided Government Relations and Land Use representation to Touro University (formerly Touro College), a not-for-profit higher education institution. DHC has helped the school open new campuses, grow their presence and ensure a strong bond between the school and city, state and federal officials.

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