Understand The Need

eCurrency is a technology and security company that has spent the last decade researching and developing the technology behind the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  

Globally, eCurrency advocates the benefits and potential of a CBDC. Domestically, they encourage the U.S. to advance toward the creation and adoption of a U.S. CBDC – or digital U.S. dollar.


A Hot Topic Debated with Little Progress


Entering the National Stage

eCurrency was looking to raise the profile of this issue – and the work they have done on it – in order to move the process along to development.

Consensus Building

Our Federal Government Relations team was engaged to lead discussions with policy makers and experts – eventually bringing the eCurrency team to the table with lawmakers for this discussion.

“People don’t want the government to look at their banking information and their transactions. That's why I think it’s important that we use intermediaries. A CBDC would function in the same way that cash does through commercial banks and different payment providers.”

Jonathan McCollum, Chair of the Federal Government Relations Practice, DHC


Developing The Plan


Making Connections

DHC arranged meetings with leadership on the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Finance Committee to discuss legislative progress and technical specifications.


Building Momentum

DHC also arranged meetings with the Department of Treasury, the Department of Commerce, and the White House to discuss the administration’s position and role in advancing the CBDC conversation.

Looking for A Lobbying Team with Proven results?

Our Government Relations team helps technology and financial services clients just like eCurrency influence policy, guide legislation and overcome regulatory issues. For more information reach out to us today!
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