Logan Bus Company, Inc.


Understand The Need

Logan Bus Company, Inc. (Logan) is the largest provider of school bus services to the New York City Department of Education.

Logan’s contract expired in 2018 and the company was operating under emergency extensions for two years

Logan’s goal was to secure a long-term contract through the next Mayoral administration.

At the same time, Logan was negotiating with several unions whose contracts expired.


Working with NYC Department Of Education, Corporation Counsel, Office of Labor Relations & Mayor's Office


Change was in the air

The City wanted Logan and other bus companies to “Go Green” that is to field electric school buses. In addition, the City also wanted Logan and others to reduce the “vintage” (ages) of their bus fleet.

Managing Multiple Challenges

The infrastructure investment of these two movements, plus the increased costs associated with new union contracts was a major hurdle for Logan. Also, after COVID hit, many parts of the contract had to be re-negotiated to address unforeseen circumstances.

“Although there were many challenges on this campaign, the Government Relations team worked seamlessly with multiple city agencies to overcome all obstacles and deliver the results the client had hoped for."

Sid Davidoff, Firm Founder & Chair of the Government Relations, DHC


Developing a Plan


Making Connections

DHC’s Legal team worked with the NYC Department of Education, NYC Corporation Counsel, and the NYC Office of Labor Relations to negotiate a new bus contract and new union contracts.


Building Momentum

In addition, DHC’s Government Relations teams worked with the NYC Mayor’s Office and the NYC Comptroller’s Office.


Achieving The Goal

The final piece of the puzzle was to work with the NYC Economic Development Corporation on the economic aspects of the contract negotiations.

Looking for Assistance and solid results?

Our Government Relations team helps clients like Logan Bus Company, Inc. successfully negotiate and secure contracts, and solve overwhelming challenges that seem unsurmountable while delivering the needs of government. For more information reach out to us today.
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