Henry Viscardi School


Understand The Need

Our client needed to secure annual funding of $903K for one-to-one paraprofessionals for students at a K-12 school for the severely physically disabled and medically frail.


working with the NYS Education Department


Change was in the air

In responding to a demand by the State Education Department (SED) to change their student formula, Viscardi was essentially asked to absorb one-to-one paraprofessionals that had previously been paid for by the school district of origin.

Measuring the Cost

The cost was impossible to meet and not having these one-to-ones would have meant that many students would not have been able to attend school or left with only homeschooling as an option.

“In our time of extreme need, DHC stepped forward and did an incredible job on behalf of our school and students. They continue to advocate on our behalf and their passion is obvious and so greatly appreciated.”

Christopher Rosa, President & CEO, Viscardi Center & School


Developing the Plan


Making Connections

Over 10 years ago, DHC approached the NYS Assembly and asked that they step forward in the budget and find a way to fund the one-to-one paraprofessionals.


Building Momentum

With our constant advocacy, the NYS Assembly led the way and the NYS Senate soon followed.


Achieving The Goal

Funding from the NYS Legislature continued for a number of years until last year when NYS Governor Hochul put the funding in the Executive Budget.

Looking for Assistance and solid results?

Our Government Relations team helps Nonprofit clients just like Viscardi Center & Viscardi School secure funding, guide legislation overcome regulatory concerns. For more information reach out to us today!
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