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Dunklegrun Appears on Financially Ever After Widowhood Podcast

April 15, 2024 – Trusts & Estates Law Partner, Stefan Dunkelgrun was a guest on the Francis Financial’s “Financially Ever After Widowhood” Podcast for their episode “Trusts, Inheritance and Protecting Your Children’s Future”.

The topics discussed included how:

  • Estate planning extends beyond mere wealth distribution; it entails securing the welfare of your loved ones once you’ve passed, in a manner that reflects your family’s unique needs and principles.
  • Many parents face the challenge of determining how best to pass on wealth to their children, particularly minors. Stefan explores the creation of trusts designed to cater to children’s essential needs, such as education and healthcare, while also preventing them from accessing substantial sums of money at a young age.
  • Safeguarding your child’s inheritance from the potential impact of divorce is a crucial element of estate planning. Stefan offers insights into structuring trusts to ensure that your children’s inheritance remains shielded, even in the event of their marital breakdown.
  • The appropriate amount and type of policy and carefully designating beneficiaries can protect your children’s financial well-being while minimizing unnecessary tax liabilities.
  • Effective gifting strategies are essential components of estate planning, with options like direct payments for medical and educational expenses providing tax advantages.

Listen now, click here.

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