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Davidoff Recalls Long-Time Friend Rich Ravitch with WABC

June 27, 2023 – Sid Davidoff, Founding Partner and Chair of the Government Relations law practice, spoke with Bond Buyer and Dominic Carter of 77 WABC Radio to recount his experiences as a long-time friend and colleague of Richard Ravitch upon the news of his passing.

In speaking with Dominic Carter, Davidoff said that Ravitch was a hero and an icon for New York, and recounted some of his greatest achievements, including revitalizing the NYC subway system, the development of affordable waterfront housing and his exemplary leadership as MTA Chairman and his tireless effort on the Metro North Railroad system.

Davidoff noted that everyone who lives and works in New York has encountered one of Ravitch’s many contributions to the city.

To read the Bond Buyer article, click here.

To listen to the 77 WABC interview, click here.


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