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Client Spotlight: CTF Offers "Lobbying 101" Webinar

May 7, 2024 – DHCs Government Relations team members led a webinar discussion for client CTF (Coalition for Ticket Fairness) on:

  • How to effectively communicate your concerns and ideas to lawmakers
  • Strategies for building relationships with representatives and their staff
  • Tips for navigating the legislative process and making an impact on ticket legislation

Over 70 CTF ticket broker members from across the U.S. attended and participated in the Coalition for Ticket Fairness’ “Lobbying 101” webinar, asking questions how to advocate for their industry.

Nicole L. Weingartner, NYS Director of Government Affairs, was delighted to host and have her Washington, D.C. colleagues, Jonathan McCollum, Chair of the Federal Government Relations practice and Jake Roach present on happenings on “The Hill”.

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