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New York City Mayor & Speaker Announce $112.4 Billion Budget Deal

June 28, 2024 (City Hall, Manhattan) – Today’s ceremonial handshake between New York City Mayor Eric Adams and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams signaled the safe landing of Adams and Adams United, despite prior turbulence. Prop airplane in hand between the two, this moment served as a metaphor that both parties reached an agreement on the city’s spending plans for FY25, despite intense negotiations that sought to balance the need for fiscal responsibility, with the needs of every day New Yorkers. As a result, in the last moments of discussions, funding cuts were restored to the New York Public Library ($58M), as well as to cultural institutions ($53M). Further, additional funds were allocated to the Parks Department ($15M); and to the city’s capital housing budget ($2B) to expand the availability of more affordable and supportive housing.

Here are some Highlights (as provided in the FY25 New York City Council Budget Press Release):

Health and Community Safety – $65.1 million

  • Office of Criminal Justice Recidivism Reduction Programs (Alternatives to Incarceration and Reentry Programming) Restoration: $14.8 million
  • Jail Population Review Teams: $10 million
  • Civilian Complaint Review Board Baselined Restoration: $2.1 million
  • Justice Involved Supportive Housing: $6.4 million
  • Trauma Recovery Centers Enhancement: $4.8 million
  • Mental Health Clubhouses: $2 million
  • Initial Funding for New Trauma Center in the Rockaways: $25 million
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s HIV/AIDS Services Baselined Restoration: $5.4 million
  • Department of Youth and Community Development’s Community-Based Solutions for Violence Interruption: $8.6 million


Opportunity Programs and Essential Services – $1.428 billion

  • Expanding Fair Fares to More Low-Income New Yorkers: $10.7 million to increase eligibility from 120% of the Federal Poverty Level to 145%
  • Community Food Connection Program Enhancement Restoration: $31.9 million
  • Immigration Legal Services Enhancement Restoration: $4.4 million
  • CityFHEPS: $614.9 million, with $540.3 million baselined beginning in FY26
  • Restoration of Adult Literacy Programs: $10 million
  • Community Interpreter Bank and Language Services Worker Cooperatives Restoration: $3.8 million
  • Human Services Workers Cost of Living Adjustments: $740.6 million over four years
  • Shelter to Housing Action Plan: $10.1 million
  • Runaway and Homeless Youth Housing Navigators: $1.6 million


Schools and Student Support Programs – $400.2 million

  • Holding School Budgets Harmless: $75 million
  • Summer Rising Restoration: $19.6 million
  • School Food Staffing: $20 million
  • Teacher Recruitment: $10 million
  • Full restoration of funding for Community Schools: $70 million, including $56 million in the Executive Budget and $14 million at Adoption
  • School Based Social Workers, School Psychologists, Family Workers Stimulus Cliff Restorations: $74 million
  • Learning to Work: $31 million
  • Ensuring placement of Certified Art Teachers in schools ($41 million) and Arts Education ($4 million)
  • Shelter-Based Community Coordinators for Students in Temporary Housing: $17 million restoration
  • Restorative Justice: $12 million restoration
  • Mental Health Continuum: $5 million restoration
  • Digital Learning, Computer for All, Tutoring, Civics for All, Parent and Immigrant Family Engagement, Outward Bound Crew Model: $21.6 million


Institutional Pillars of NYC Neighborhoods – $173.8 million

  • Full Restoration of Cultural Institutions Funding with $7.6 million PEG Restoration at Executive Budget and $53 million restored ($13 million baselined)
  • $58.3 million total in Library Funding Restoration, with $42.6 million baselined for full service
  • Department of Sanitation Litter Basket Pickup: $25 million restoration and enhancement
  • $6.2 million restoration of Community Composting Program
  • Providing the Department of Parks and Recreations $15 million to enhance and restore funding for Second Shift maintenance and cleaning positions at hot spots in city parks
  • Restoring $8.7 million to support Urban Park Rangers, Tree Stump Removal, and Green Thumb Restoration 


A link to the full New York City Council press release is provided here.

If you would like additional FY25 Budget information, please do not hesitate to contact our office. 



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