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Keith Wright Speaks to QNS about New House Speaker Jeffries

Keith Wright Speaks to QNS about New House Speaker Jeffrie

November 30, 2022 – Keith L.T. Wright, Director of Strategic Planning in Government Relations group spoke with about the election of Brooklyn Congressman, Hakeem Jeffries as the new Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Representing NY’s eighth congressional district since 2013, Speaker Jeffries became the first African American to be elected as Congressional leader.

Keith, a former Harlem Assemblyman for 23 years and current Leader of the New York County Democrats since 2009 said “I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hakeem Jeffries, both in Albany and New York City, for many years,”  “What struck me most about him is the way he expertly navigated different constituencies and points of view, always with a political and emotional intelligence that bridged divides and got things done. This uncanny ability to relate to those with whom he may not agree and find compromise across the aisle is just what the Congress and the country, need during these deeply divided times. His ascent to the top of the House Democratic Caucus is well deserved and a great source of pride for all of us in New York who watched him develop into the leader he is today.”

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