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Building Bridges - Rev. Al Sharpton's Blueprint for Harlem's Museum of Civil Rights
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Lobbying Insider Episode 109:

Building Bridges – Rev. Al Sharpton’s Blueprint for Harlem’s Museum of Civil Rights

In this very special episode of The Lobbying Insider Podcast Host Zack Fink sits down with the renowned Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the Museum of Civil Rights. Sharpton leads the foundation that is working to establish the museum here in New York City.

The Museum of Civil Rights will focus on the struggles of ethnic and minority groups to achieve equality in America, with a special emphasis on battles that took place in the northern part of the United States, which served as a template for many of the protests and boycotts that defined the movement in the south. Sharpton also discusses some of the big cases he took on early in his career as a Leader of Civil Rights.

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