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A Bitter Pill for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood
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Lobbying Insider Episode 102:

A Bitter Pill for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood

Host, Zack Fink sat down with Andy Gaspar and Stephanie Reckler, two of the board members from The Committee to Protect Our Lenox Hill Neighborhood (CPOLHN) to discuss their opposition to Northwell Health’s proposal to renovate and expand Lenox Hill Hospital.

In this episode, we explore some of the key opposition issues CPOLHN has raised, including a height and zoning density that is two and a half times what is allowed for the neighborhood, Northwell’s $1.6B decade-plus long construction project, and its desire to keep the hospital functioning during the construction.

The discussion also addressed some of CPOLHN’s concerns regarding traffic and safety for residents, visitors, and commuters during a protracted 11 years of construction. This episode also delves into the success of CPOLHN’s recent Town Hall which was attended by over 400 concerned citizens, along with NYS Senator Liz Krueger and a spokesman from US Congressman Jerry Nadler’s office; both of whom have put their support behind CPOLHN. Closing out the episode were some of the health equity disparities that exist across the city and its boroughs which became apparent during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. So, join us for a thoughtful and insightful conversation, as we consider some of CPOLHN’s opposition successes over the past four years and the community’s desire for a better, not bigger…Lenox Hill Hospital!

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