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November 4, 2020 – The 2020 election was headlined at the national level by the Presidential election. In addition majority control of both the House of Representatives and the US Senate was also in play. In NYS, while it is not a gubernatorial election year, every seat in the State Legislature was up for election. The following is a summary of the election results State Senate and Assembly as we know them to be at this moment. Given the historic number of absentee ballots as well as the implementation of early voting for the first time in New York, some races will undoubtedly take longer to decide, and we will continue to update on those races as we know more. The focus of this continuing update will be on the State results and conclude with the federal election results.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions about any of this information.

NYS Assembly: Without question, the State Assembly was going to remain in democratic control after election day. The only issue would be how big of a majority the Democrats would have heading into the 2021 session. Entering election day, the Democrats held a 104 to 42 seat majority (4 seats had vacancies). As of now, while the Assembly will maintain their overall majority, they could see their ranks shrink by up to 11 seats.

Going into the 2021 session, one issue for the Assembly and its leadership will be incorporating the vast number of new members who defeated long time incumbents during the primary season as well as those who ran in open and/or vacant races.

Democrats: 93
Democrat Leading – Too Close to Call: 2

Republicans: 43
Republican Leading – Too Close to Call: 12

A full rundown of Assembly races is below:

Blue/Bold = Democratic Win, (italic indicates former member)
Red/Bold = Republican Win, (italic indicates former member)
Purple/Bold = Race is too close to call, (italic indicates former member)

AD1: Assm. Fred Thiele (I)
AD2 (Palumbo): Jodi Giglio (R)
AD3: Assm. Joe DeStefano (R)
AD4: Assm. Steve Engelbright (D) trails Michael Ross by roughly 2,000 votes
AD5: Assm. Doug Smith (R)
AD6: Assm. Phil Ramos (D)
AD7 (Garbarino): Jarrett Gandolfo (R)
AD8: Assm. Mike Fitzpatrick (R)
AD9 (LiPetri): Michael Durso (R)
AD10: Assm. Steve Stern (D) trails Jaime Silvestri (R) by roughly 100 votes
AD11: Assw. Kim Jean-Pierre (D)
AD 12 (Raia): Keith Brown (R)
AD13: Assm. Charles Lavine (D)
AD14: Assm. Dave McDonough (R)
AD15: Assm. Michael Montesano (R)
AD16 (Durso): Gina Silitti (D) trails Ragini Srivastava (R) by roughly 3,400 votes
AD17: Assm. John Mikulin (R)
AD18: Assw. Taylor Darling (D)
AD19: Assm. Ed Ra
AD20: Assw. Melissa Miller (R)
AD21: Assw. Judy Griffin (D) trails Patricia Fitzpatrick by roughly 500 votes
AD22: Assw. Michelle Solages (D)
AD23: Assw. Stacy Pheffer-Amato (D)
AD24: Assm. Mark Weprin (D)
AD25: Assw. Nily Rozic (D)
AD26: Assm. Ed Braunstein (D) trails John Sakelos by roughly 1,700 votes
AD27: Assm. Daniel Rosenthal (D)
AD28: Assm. Andrew Hevesi (D)
AD29: Assw. Alicia Hydman (D)
AD30: Assm. Brian Barnwell (D)
AD31 (Vacant): Khaleel Anderson (D)
AD32: Assw. Vivian Cook (D)
AD33: Assm. Clyde Vanel (D)
AD34 (DenDekker): Jessica González-Rojas (D)
AD35: Assm. Jeff Aubry (D)
AD36 (Simotas): Zohran Mamdani (D)
AD37: Assw. Cathy Nolan (D)
AD38 (Miller): Jenifer Rajkumar
AD39: Assw. Catalina Cruz (D)
AD40: Assm. Ron Kim (D)
AD41: Assw. Helene Weinstein (D)
AD42: Assw. Rodneyse Bichotte (D)
AD43: Assw. Diana Richardson (D)
AD44: Assm. Robert Carroll (D)
AD45: Assm. Steve Cymbrowitz (D)
AD46: Assw. Mathylde Frontus (D) trails Mark Szuskiewicz by roughly 2,800 votes
AD47: Assm. William Colton (D)
AD48: Assm. Simcha Eichenstein (D)
AD49: Assm. Peter Abbate (D)
AD50 (Lentol): Emily Gallagher (D)
AD51 (Ortiz): Marcela Mitaynes (D)
AD52: Assw. Jo Anne Simon (D)
AD53: Assw. Maritza Davila (D)
AD54: Assm. Erik Dilan (D)
AD55: Assw. Latrice Walker (D)
AD56 (Wright): Stefanie Zinerman (D)
AD57 (Mosley): Phara Souffrant-Forrest (D)
AD58: Assm. Nick Perry (D)
AD59: Assw. Jaime Williams (D)
AD60: Assm. Charles Barron (D)
AD61: Assm. Charles Fall
AD62: Assm. Mike Reilly (R)
AD63: Assm. Michael Cusick (D) trails Anthony DeGuerre (R) by roughly 1,200 votes
AD64 (Malliotakis): Michale Tannousis (R)
AD65: Assw. Yuh-Line Niou (D)
AD66: Assw. Deborah Glick (D)
AD67: Assw. Linda Rosenthal (D)
AD68: Assm. Robert Rodriguez (D)
AD69: Assm. Danny O’Donnell (D)
AD70: Assw. Inez Dickens (D)
AD71: Assm. Al Taylor (D)
AD72: Assw. Carmen De La Rosa (D)
AD73: Assm. Dan Quart (D)
AD74: Assm. Harvey Epstein (D)
AD75: Assm. Richard Gottfried (D)
AD76: Assw. Rebecca Seawright (D)
AD77: Assw. Latoya Joyner (D)
AD78: Assm. Jose Rivera (D)
AD79 (Blake): Chantel Jackson (D)
AD80: Assw. Nathalia Fernandez (D)
AD81: Assm. Jeff Dinowitz (D)
AD82: Assm. Michael Benedetto (D)
AD83: Assm. Carl Heastie (D)
AD84 (Arroyo): Amanda Septimo (D)
AD85 (Crespo): Kenneth Burgos (D)
AD86: Assm. Victor Pichardo (D)
AD87: Assw. Karines Reyes (D)
AD88: Assw. Amy Paulin (D)
AD89: Assm. Gary Pretlow (D)
AD90: Assm. Nader Sayegh (D)
AD91: Assm. Steve Otis (D)
AD92: Assm. Tom Abinanti (D)
AD93 (Buchwald): Chris Burdick (D)
AD94: Assm. Kevin Byrne (R)
AD95: Assw. Sandra Galef (D)
AD96: Assm. Ken Zebrowski (D)
AD97: Assw. Ellen Jaffee (D) trails Michael Lawler (R) by roughly 5,000 votes
AD98: Assm. Karl Brabenec (R)
AD99: Assm. Colin Schmitt (R)
AD100: Assw. Aileen Gunther (D)
AD101: Assm. Brian Miller (R)
AD102: Assm. Chris Tague (R)
AD103: Assm. Kevin Cahill (D)
AD104: Assm. Jon Jacobson (D)
AD105: Assm. Kiernan M. Lalor (R)
AD106: Assw. Didi Barrett (D) leads Michael Dean (R) by roughly 1,100 votes
AD107: Assm. Jake Ashby (R)
AD108: Assm. John McDonald (D)
AD109: Assw. Pat Fahy (D)
AD110: Assm. Phil Steck (D)
AD111: Assm. Angelo Santabarbara (D)
AD112: Assw. Mary Beth Walsh (R)
AD113: Assw. Carrie Woerner (D) leads Dave Catalfamo (R) by roughly 100 votes
AD114 (Stec): Matt Simpson (R)
AD115: Assm. Billy Jones (D)
AD116: Assm. Mark Walczyk (R)
AD117: Assm. Ken Blankenbush (R)
AD118: Assm. Robert Smullen (R)
AD119: Assw. Marianne Buttenschon (D)
AD120: Asssm. Will Barclay (R)
AD121: Assm. John Salka (R)
AD122 (Crouch): Joe Angelino (R)
AD123: Assw. Donna Lupardo
AD124: Assm. Chris Friend (R)
AD125 (Lifton): Anna Kelles (D)
AD126 (Finch): John Lemondes (R)
AD127: Assm. Al Stirpe (D) trails Mark Venesky (R) by roughly 1,000 votes
AD128: Assw. Pamela Hunter (D)
AD129: Assm. Bill Magnarelli (D)
AD130: Assm. Brian Manktelow (R)
AD131 (Kolb): Jeff Gallahan (R)
AD132: Assm. Phil Palmesano (R)
AD133: Assw. Marjorie Byrnes (R)
AD134 (Lawrence): Josh Jensen (R)
AD135: Assm. Mark Johns (R)
AD136 (Romeo): Sarah Clark (D)
AD137 (Gantt): Demond Meeks (D)
AD138: Assm. Harry Bronson (D)
AD139: Assm. Steven Hawley (R)
AD140 (Schimminger): Will Conrad (D) trails Rob Pecoraro (R) by roughly 1,000 votes
AD141: Assw. Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D)
AD142: Assm. Pat Burke (D)
AD143: Assw. Monica Wallace (D) trails Frank Smierciak by roughly 6,400 votes
AD144: Assm. Micheal Norris (R)
AD145: Assm. Angelo Morinello (R)
AD146: Assw. Karen McMahon (D) trails Robin Wolfgang (R) by roughly 6,000 votes
AD147: Assm. David DiPietro (R)
AD148: Assm Joseph Giglio (R)
AD149 (Ryan): Jonathan Rivera (D)
AD150: Assm. Andrew Goodell (R)

*Please note information above provided by and sourced by various local and State Board of Elections as well as numerous media outlets

NYS Senate: Fresh off overwhelming victories in the 2018 Election, the Democrats regained control of the State Senate with a 40 to 23 seat majority. Heading into 2020 Election Day, the Democrats were looking to secure a supermajority (vetoproof) of their own by picking up two additional seats. Hotly contested races on Long Island, Hudson Valley and in Western New York, however, have likely switched to Republican and although they have maintained the majority, Democrats will see said majority shrink for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session.

As a result of the 2020 elections:

Democrats: 33
Democrat Leading – Too Close to Call: 3

Republicans: 18
Republican Leading – Too Close to Call: 9

A full rundown of Senate races is below:

Blue/Bold = Democratic Win, (italic indicates former member)
Red/Bold = Republican Win, (italic indicates former member)
Purple/Bold = Race is too close to call, (italic indicates former member)

SD1 (LaValle): Anthony Palumbo (R)
SD2 (Flanagan): Mario Mattera (R)
SD3: Sen. Monica Martinez (D) trials Alexis Weik (R) by over 13,000 votes
SD4: Sen. Phil Boyle (R)
SD5: Sen. James Gaughran (D) trails Edmund Smyth (R) by over 14,000 votes
SD6: Sen. James Thomas (D) trails Dennis Dunne (R) by over 7,500 votes
SD7: Senator Anna Kaplan (D)
SD8: Sen. John Brooks (D)
SD9: Sen. Todd Kaminksy (D)
SD10: Sen. James Sanders (D)
SD11: Sen. John Liu (D)
SD12: Sen. Michael Gianaris (D)
SD13: Sen. Jessica Ramos (D)
SD14: Sen. Leroy Comrie (D)
SD15: Sen. Joseph Addabbo (D)
SD16: Sen. Toby-Ann Stavisky (D)
SD17: Sen. Simcha Felder (D)
SD18: Sen. Julia Salazar (D)
SD19: Sen. Roxanne Persaud (D)
SD20: Sen. Zellnor Myrie (D)
SD21: Sen. Kevin Parker (D)
SD 22: Sen. Andrew Gournardes (D) trails vs. Vito Bruno (R) by over 5,500 votes
SD23: Sen. Diane Savino (D)
SD24: Sen. Andrew Lanza (R)
SD25 (Montgomery): Jabari Brisport (D)
SD26: Sen. Brian Kavanagh (D)
SD27: Sen. Brad Hoylman (D)
SD28: Sen. Liz Krueger (D)
SD29: Sen. Jose Serrano (D)
SD30: Sen. Brian Benjamin (D)
SD31: Sen. Robert Jackson (D)
SD32: Sen. Luis Sepulveda (D)
SD33: Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D)
SD34: Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D)
SD35: Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D)
SD36: Sen. Jamaal Bailey (D)
SD37: Sen. Shelley Mayer (D)
SD38 (Carlucci): Elijah Reichlin-Melnick (D) trails Bill Weber (R) by over 2,500 votes
SD39: Sen. James Skoufis (D)
SD40: Sen. Peter Harkham (D) trails Rob Astorino (R) by over 6,400 votes
SD41: Sen. Sue Serino (R)
SD42: Sen. Jen Metzger (D) trails Mike Martucci (R) by over 9,500 votes
SD43: Sen. Daphne Jordan (R)
SD44: Sen. Neil Breslin
SD45 (Little): Dan Stec (R)
SD46 (Amedore): Michelle Hinchey (D) trails Rich Amedure (R) by over 3,800 votes
SD47: Sen. Joseph Griffo (R)
SD48: Sen. Patty Ritchie (R)
SD49: Sen. James Tedisco (R)
SD50 (Antonacci): John Mannion (D) trails Angi Renna (R) by over 7,000 votes
SD51 (Seward): Peter Oberacker (R)
SD52: Sen. Fred Akshar (R)
SD53: Sen. Rachel May (D) leads Sam Rodgers by over 80 votes
SD54: Sen. Pamela Helming (R)
SD55 (Funke): Christopher Missick (R) trails Samra Bouck (D) by over 5,000 votes
SD56 (Robach): Michael Barry (R) trails James Cooney (D) by over 900 votes
SD57: Sen. George Borrello (R)
SD58: Sen. Tom O’Mara (R)
SD59: Sen. Patrick Gallivan
SD60 (Jacobs): Sean Ryan (D)
SD61 (Razenhofer): Edward Rath (R)
SD62: Sen. Robert Ortt
SD63: Sen. Tim Kennedy (D)

*Please note information above provided by and sourced by various local and State Board of Elections as well as numerous media outlets

NYS Congressional Delegation: Neither NY United State Senators Schumer or Gillibrand were up for re-election, however, majority control of the US Senate was in play on Election Day. At this time, it appears that the Republicans will maintain a slim majority in the US Senate. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell won re-election and is expected to remain Senate Majority Leader.

Nationally, like in NY, democrats retained the majority in the House of Representatives. It is anticipated that Speaker Pelosi will seek another term as Speaker of the House. Each congressional seat was up for election in New York, and the results can be found below.

Blue/Bold = Democratic Win, (italic indicates former member)
Red/Bold = Republican Win, (italic indicates former member)
Purple/Bold = Race is too close to call, (italic indicates former member)

NY1: Rep. Lee Zeldin (R)
NY2 (King): Andrew Garbarino (R)
NY3: Rep. Tom Suozzi (D) trails George Santos by over 4,000 votes
NY4: Rep. Kathleen Rice (D)
NY5: Rep. Greg Meeks (D)
NY6: Rep. Grace Meng (D)
NY7: Rep. Nydia Valezquez (D)
NY8: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D)
NY9: Rep. Yvette Clark (D)
NY10: Rep. Jerry Nadler (D)
NY11: Rep. Max Rose (D) trails Nicole Malliotakis (R) by over 36,000 votes
NY12: Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D)
NY13: Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D)
NY14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)
NY15 (Serrano): Ritchie Torres (D)
NY16 (Engel): Jamaal Bowman (D)
NY17 (Lowey): Mondaire Jones (D)
NY18: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
NY19: Rep. Antonio Delgado (D)
NY20: Rep. Paul Tonko (D)
NY21: Rep. Elise Stefanik (R)
NY22: Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) trails Claudia Tenney (R) by over 27,500 votes
NY23: Rep. Tom Reed (R)
NY24: Rep. John Katko (R)
NY25: Rep. Joe Morelle (D)
NY26: Rep. Brian Higgins (D)
NY27: Rep. Chris Jacobs (R)

*Please note information above provided by and sourced by various local and State Board of Elections as well as numerous media outlets

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