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Weingartner Appointed to Intl. Cannabis Bar Assoc. Committee

DHC's Weingartner Appointed to Intl. Cannabis Bar Assoc. Committee

May 24, 2022 –  Nicole Weingartner (Director of State Government Affairs) in both our Government Relations and Cannabis Law practices was appointed to the International Cannabis Bar Association’s Legislative Advisement Committee. 

Originally founded in 2015 as the National Cannabis Bar Association, in 2019, they evolved into the International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) to serve local, state, national, and international practices across the globe.  The INCBA supports lawyers in their cannabis practice and related cannabis industries. The INCBA strives to make the practice of law more secure through education of ethical and legal implications of practicing law in this industry, and through advocacy to change applicable rules to facilitate robust and excellent legal representation for cannabis market participants. The INCBA also strives to increase accessibility to through-leaders, policy makers, pro bono opportunities related to non-profit advocacy, and business opportunities for all of our members through our social events, our extended network, and our leadership.   

In her role on the INCBA’s Legislative Advisement Committee, Nicole looks forward to evaluating new and proposed cannabis industry legislation and regulations that may impact the cannabis legal community’s ability to provide services nationwide and beyond.

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