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Davidoff on Gimlet's Science Vs. Podcast about “Young Lords of Harlem”

DHC's Davidoff on Science VS Podcast “Young Lords of Harlem”

November 14, 2019 – DHC Founding Partner, Sid Davidoff was interviewed for Gimlet’s Science Vs. podcast today. The podcast told the story of the Young Lords of Harlem, who in July of 1970 took over Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx and demanded improvements from the city.

At the time, Sid Davidoff was the top political aid to NYC Mayor John Lindsay and whom the mayor called upon to negotiate with the members of the group who had seized control of the hospital.  It’s a fascinating story, buckle up and take a trip back in time and hear the well-told story, featuring interviews with others involved in this historic NYC socio-political event. Click here to listen.

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