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Zoning In On Land Use in Mayor Adams' City of Yes
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Lobbying Insider Episode 113:

Zoning in on Land Use in NYC Mayor Adams’ “City of Yes” – with Howard Weiss & Lou Coletti

Mayor Adams is looking to have the full slate of “City of Yes” approved by the New York City Council.

It’s a zoning proposal for a more equitable and sustainable city, according to the Mayor’s office, and it focuses on three key areas: Carbon Neutrality, Economic Opportunity, and Housing Opportunity.

In this week’s episode of the “Lobbying Insider” Podcast, Host Zack Fink is joined by Senior Partner Howard Weiss, Chair of the Land Use & Zoning Law practice, and Lou Coletti Senior Adviser to the Government Relations, Construction Law, Real Estate Law and Economic Development & Tax Incentives Law practice areas, for a broad discussion about the “City of Yes.”

Prior to joining DHC in 2023, Lou spent over 25 years as President and CEO of the New York Building Trades.

The podcast delves into the details and explains what changes New Yorkers can expect to see.

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