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The Life of a Young Lord: Felipe Luciano & the Takeover of Lincoln Hospital (2-Part Interview)
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Lobbying Insider Episode 108:

The Life of a Young Lord: Felipe Luciano 2-Part Interview

The Lobbying Insider Podcast is proud to present this very special episode reuniting two men whose paths crossed at a tense political moment more than 50 years ago. Host Zack Fink is joined by Felipe Luciano, a founding member of The Young Lords, a social justice organization formed in the late 1960s to combat racial discrimination and advocate for minority access to healthcare, education, housing, and employment on behalf of the Puerto Rican community.

Luciano is out with a new book, Flesh and Spirit, Confessions of a Young Lord,” which he discusses with Zack in part one. In part two of the podcast, we take a deep dive into the takeover of Lincoln Hospital by the Young Lords on the morning of July 14, 1970. Luciano is joined by our firm Founder, Sid Davidoff, who was sent by Mayor John Lindsay to negotiate a surrender with Luciano.

You don’t want to miss this episode.

To order Felipe’s book, click here.

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