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NYC Government Relations Team Prepares FY25 Highlights

July 1, 2024 – In a victory for our  New York City non-profit clients and residents alike, Mayor Adams and City Council Speaker Adams recently agreed on a Fiscal Year 2025 budget that restored major quality-of-life services that were in danger of being cut.

Highlights of the Fiscal Year 2025 budget for NYC:

  • Funding cuts were restored to the New York Public Library ($58M)
  • Funding cuts restored to other cultural institutions ($53M)
  • Additional funds allocated to the Parks Department ($15M)
  • Additional funds to the city’s capital housing budget ($2B) to expand the availability of more affordable and supportive housing.

DHC’s Government Relations team was happy to play a role in articulating the need for these important t services to continue, making sure essential services are not lost in the shuffle of tents in the budget negotiations is part of our calling.

Read the FY25 Highlights Client Alert now, click here.

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