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New York City Department of Buildings Announces New Construction Safety Legislation & Sweeping Construction Code Revisions

April 22, 2021 — Today, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) announced five new construction safety bills and updates. The changes aim to continue to reduce construction-related injuries and advance safety regulations to protect the public and construction workers. These new bills would further reduce injuries and fatalities on construction sites if enacted.

The proposed construction safety bills include (1) requiring general contractors to be licensed by the DOB, (2) requiring DOB-licensed safety professionals on major construction work sites between 7-9 stories, (3) requiring DOB-licensed construction superintendents on major construction work sites seven stories and above, (4) strengthening requirements for cold-formed steel construction, and (5) banning stand-off brackets for C-hook suspended scaffold installations.

The proposed construction code revisions, which would take effect the year after they are enacted, are the first comprehensive updates since 2014 to the Administrative, Plumbing, Building, Mechanical, and Fuel Gas Codes.

The DOB press release included a statement from our client, the Master Plumbers Council. “Our members provide the essential plumbing services that protect the health and safety of New York City residents,” said Richard Bonelli, President of the Master Plumbers Council. “We applaud Commissioner La Rocca’s inclusive approach to the Code revision process that has enabled us to participate and have our members voices heard. The work of the Plumbing, Fuel Gas, Mechanical and Administrative Code Committees once enacted will further streamline the construction process while maintaining the highest level of public safety that New Yorkers deserve (or have come to expect.)”

View the press release here.

The City Council is expected to hold hearings in May. For more information or assistance, please contact Arthur Goldstein at


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