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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: CTF New Ticketing Reform PSA Campaign

July 30, 2023 – Jonathan McCollum, Chair of the Federal Government Relations practice, recently served as spokesperson for client, the Coalition for Ticket Fairness on the recent launch of their new PSA campaign “Ticketing for Live Events is Broken”.

Speaking with Ticket News, a major news source for ticketing news and information industry, McCollum discussed some of the issues facing our client within the industry and how government can protect consumers legislatively with:

  • All-In Pricing;
  • Ticket Transferability;
  • Holdback Disclosures;
  • Importance of Competition in the Marketplace; and
  • Other fan friendly initiatives

Bolstering support for the need of new industry legislation, are breaking news stories that have grabbed headlines recently, like the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco which has now garnered multiple lawsuits in jurisdictions across the country, over allegations of misrepresentation, fraud and anti-trust violations.

For decades there has been a battle for fair pricing of live concerts, theater performances and professional sporting events.

To read the full article, click here.

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