Hamilton was Right…IDAs are Catalyst for Private Sector Growth!

The father of the American banking system is also the father of economic development (too bad this part of Hamilton’s legacy did not make it into the musical!). To maximize economic development, help launch new industries, support existing businesses, increase employment, and drive capital investment, government must support the private sector.   This is not […]

NDAs: 10 Points & Questions to Consider Before the Deal

  A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is often the first legal document signed by parties intending to proceed with a transaction. It is generally perceived as a plain vanilla standard form document that should be signed quickly in order to proceed with more substantive legal and commercial issues.   But what considerations should you make before […]

5 Things to Know About “Reasonable Accommodations” for Pets in Co-ops & Condos

  By Ian J. Brandt, Partner CO-OP & CONDOMINIUM LAW PRACTICE   If you’re on a co-op board of a building that doesn’t allow pets, what questions can board members ask tenants regarding pet requests, and what “reasonable accommodations” are you required to make?   What Are Five Things You Need to Know? Even buildings […]

The Separate Car Act: A 19th Century Civil Rights Case Worth Revisiting

By Alex McBride | COMMERCIAL LITIGATION LAW PRACTICE What did the ins and outs of the 19th-century U.S. Supreme Court decision, Plessy v. Ferguson, the rationale for Jim Crow racial segregation laws, teach us? Homer Plessy was seven-eighths White and one-eighth Black — pejoratively referred to as an “octoroon” in the 19th century. Plessy came […]

6 Key Questions to Ask if Your Assets Are Over the Estate Tax Limit!

By Stefan Dunkelgrun Partner TRUSTS & ESTATES LAW PRACTICE       Death taxes are essentially a punishment for being successful. Working for your whole life to build a legacy, only for the government to take a portion when you pass away.   DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO PAY DEATH TAXES? You made it! Now the […]

What Are 5 Ways to Defer Taxes on Highly Appreciated Real Estate?

  By Stefan Dunkelgrun, Partner TRUSTS & ESTATES LAW PRACTICE Recently, home prices have been increasing and many people believe now is the time to cash in on the value of their home. Whether it’s downsizing and taking the difference or selling a second home and using that money to fund a retirement, most people would […]

Unsure of Stepped-Up Basis? Here is a 5-Point Primer

  By Stefan Dunkelgrun, Partner | TRUSTS & ESTATES LAW PRACTICE     Stepped-up basis is a tax law that applies to estate transfers when a person receives an asset from a giver after a benefactor passes away. In those circumstances, the asset receives a “stepped-up” basis – which is the market value at the time the […]

What Are 7 Things You Should Have in a Construction Period License?

By William P. Walzer, Partner REAL ESTATE LAW PRACTICE COMMERCIAL BANKING & FINANCE LAW PRACTICE   Section 3309 of the NYC Building Code requires property owners planning construction to safeguard neighboring properties from damage and protect persons from injury.  Neighboring property should be protected from typical construction risks: falling objects, vibration damage, and undermined foundations.  […]