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June 21, 2022 – Myron Rabij, Senior Counsel in the Corporate law practice, was interviewed by Food Quality & Safety trade magazine, for the story “U.S. and Ukraine Team Up to Address Global Food Security”.  The article focused on the agreed upon Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between the USDA and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine which seeks to addressing global food security in light of Russia’s invasion.

Myron worked as an attorney in Ukraine for more than 20 years and well understands the logistical and practical difficulties grain growers face. He says these fellowship programs are essentially exchange programs for scientists, researchers, and policy makers, sending them to U.S. universities for training. The Borlaug program is more extensive and sends U.S. mentors to visit the Ukrainians as well.

“It looks like [the MOU] is geared to improve Ukrainian farming to boost productivity—better animal health better and stronger seed varieties to improve productivity of harvests—and to improve standards to facilitate export,” he says. “If the U.S. and Ukraine are now gearing to work closer in these fields, that means harvests in Ukraine will no doubt increase due to stronger U.S. seed varieties, [bringing] business to U.S. seed growers and traders. Hopefully, Ukrainian scientists and research institutes will also be able to register more of their own home-grown varieties for export to the U.S.”

Having lived in Kyiv, Ukraine for over 22 years as a corporate lawyer he is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English and still has family. friends and clients in Ukraine and strong ties to the region.

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