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July 26, 2022 – Ashwani Prabhakar, a Trusts & Estates litigator was interviewed by Insider on their coverage of the Britney Spears 13-year long conservatorship battle that is playing out before the court and the media.

Ashwani told Insider that “the most effective way forward for Britney Spears would be to first secure a deposition from the security firms with knowledge of the surveillance operation – and then to take on Jamie next.  Questioning Jamie Spears first could offer a limited picture of all of the parties involved and a less compliant subject”.

Prabhakar also shared that if Britney’s legal team were to depose Jamie without having pursued depositions with Kroll or Black Box, the end result could still be revealing. “An ambush interview of Mr. Spears would allow for a good cross-examination of him.  If he says under oath that he knows nothing of the audio and video recordings, the companies he hired to perform those tasks would under oath give contrary testimony, which can be used against him at trial to show, one, he lies under oath and, two, his testimony to a jury is worthless because it is self-serving, and he will likely plead the 5th amendment.”

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