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Pantana Talks Future of Crypto with Major Media Outlets

Pantana Talks Future of Crypto with Major Media Outlets

June 2023 – Federica Pantana, a seasoned securities law compliance attorney in DHC’s Corporate & Securities Law practice, was featured in the Associated Press article “SEC Lawsuits Against Cryptocurrency Companies Raise Questions About Industry’s Future” and Decrypt and Yahoo! Finance article “What’s the Difference Between the Binance and Coinbase SEC Lawsuits?”

Pantana compared the two lawsuits, noting that Binance is facing comparatively more serious charges from which the company may never truly recover.

She also spoke about the advice she offers for crypto clients attempting to predict how their industry will be impacted after the SEC’s actions.

“With the SEC taking a strong enforcement agenda, there is no question that firms have to take the view that crypto assets are securities, and platforms that exchange these assets have to accept that,” said Pantana.

The articles were syndicated to a variety of news media outlets and markets, including:


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