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Committees & Legislation

A full week of committee meetings and budget negotiations is set to take place now that the NYS Senate and Assembly one-house proposals are out. Legislators will take up separate issue areas at “budget tables” during the next two weeks, with the leadership committee, known as the Mothership convening periodically to provide updates. The rosters of those groups is as follows.

Senate Standing Committees Assembly Standing Committees
Finance 5/17/22 @ 11:00AM Codes 5/17/22 @ 9:30 AM
Rules 5/16/22 @ 12:15 PM Governmental Employees 5/17/22 @ 9:15 AM
Rules 5/16/22 @ 12:15 PM
Rules 5/17/22 @ 10:30 AM
Ways and Means 5/17/22 @ 10:00 AM
Ways and Means 5/18/22 @ 9:30 AM

Capitol Update

View the upcoming schedule for the Legislature and Joint Budget Subcommittees.
Capitol Access/Covid-19 Update: 

At this time the Capitol and Legislative Office buildings are open to visitors. Masks are now suggested in areas of high transmission, but no longer required statewide.

NYS Office of Cannabis Management Update

The Office of Cannabis Management  (OCM) held a board meeting to unveil new regulations for provisional adult-use cannabis licenses. The first licenses will be targeted at people who either have a pre-MRTA (Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act) cannabis related offense, or had a family member with such an offense. These licensees must have prior experience owning and operating a business in New York.

The application period for the Conditional Adult-Use Cultivator License will be accepted starting Tuesday, 3/15/22.

The conditional license will allow cultivation for two years. The regulations go into effect immediately.

Upcoming Week: 

  • The State Legislature is expected to take up individual bills.
  • The weather in the Capital Region will be positively Spring-like, with temperatures in the 60s.