Becky Stern

Senior Counsel

Practice Areas
New York  
  • George Washington Law School, J.D. 2008
  • Brandeis University, B.A. 2005
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Becky Stern (she/her) combines empathy with shrewd analysis. Becky recognizes that while divorce is almost always painful, each client faces a unique situation with its own challenges. She helps her clients by guiding them through the uncertainty and the chaos, providing a calm and clear-sighted presence. Divorce can also be a time of reflection and change. For clients who spent their marriage compromising for the sake of an unhappy union, it can be an opportunity to rediscover their own personal goals. Becky determines what is important to her clients now and what might be important for them in the future so that she can help position them for success. She applies this compassionate forward-thinking approach at every step of the legal process.

This thoughtful anticipation is crucial in litigation, where even early decisions can have repercussions at trial or on appeal. Becky honed her litigation skills at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where she spent over a decade seeking justice for victims of crimes. Becky handled a variety of sensitive matters, on charges including domestic violence, assault, robbery, larceny (including complex, long-term investigations), and police misconduct. Becky took pride in serving her community with integrity and passion, ideals that she brings with her to her matrimonial work.

At DHC, Becky is an experienced litigator with years of experience in dealing with sensitive, personal matters. She approaches her work with empathy and foresight at all times, determining what is important to her clients now and what may be important in the future to position them for success. This compassionate approach is the same forward-thinking mindset that is crucial in litigation, where even early decisions can have repercussions at trial or on appeal.

Representative Matters

  • Represented a parent in a divorce action that began with an ex parte order restricting the client to supervised access with the children, convincing the Court to order equal parenting time, unsupervised, without a hearing or trial.
  • Represented a parent on a family offense petition with no injuries or police reports, and successfully negotiated a five-year Order of Protection ordering the other parent to limit contact to matters involving the child-in-common.


People dealing with divorce and other custodial situations who have complicated financial assets, difficult custodial situations, and/or combative ex-spouses, from all careers such as doctors, investors, executives, lawyers, actors, and artists.

Prior to joining the firm, Becky served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New York County District Attorney’s Office for over a decade, handling a variety of sensitive matters including domestic violence and complex long-term investigations. She then exclusively practiced matrimonial and family law for two years at a highly esteemed boutique firm in Manhattan.

Becky graduated cum laude from George Washington Law School in 2008. She graduated magna cum laude from Brandeis University in 2005, with a double major in English and Linguistic Anthropology. Becky lives in New York City with her young daughter.

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