Statement from Arthur Goldstein of Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, attorney for The Taxicab Service Association, on today’s New York City Council actions.

“The Taxicab Service Association applauds the City Council’s approval today of much-needed legislation to increase fines on illegal street hails.  Taxis are highly regulated and when illegal street hails occur, it is not only unsafe, but also amounts to stealing from hard-working taxi drivers.  This legislation is also a victory for consumers, as Uber will now have to give fare estimates in real dollars, as opposed to showing surge pricing in a vague multiple.

The City Council must take further steps to level the playing field.  They should look to control surge pricing, hire more enforcement agents and give Uber and Lyft drivers the option to paint their cars yellow and lease the hundreds of taxi medallions that are sitting idle. In addition, they need to address the fact that taxis have a 50% accessible requirement (7,000 cabs), while Uber has 0%. (30,000 cars).”

-Arthur Goldstein

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