Crowley Op-ed: How Gilded Age Railway Benefits IBX Rail Project

March 23, 2022 – Sean Crowley, a Partner in our Government Relations practice recently penned an op-ed using Julian Fellowes 19th century television drama “The Gilded Age” (HBO) as a backdrop and metaphor to help solve the NYC-metro areas 21st century infrastructure challenges and support the proposed Interborough Express IBX rail system.  The article succinctly draws upon the tracks literally laid during a time when a burgeoning Manhattan began drawing workforces from outside the city to help in its explosive industrial growth.

Sean’s article title Can Gilded Age Greed Provide a Payoff for 21st-Century Commuters? draws upon a fascinating time in our region’s history and makes cogent arguments for the completion of the IBX rail system. Read it now, QNS or the Queens Chronicle.

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