Guardion Health Sciences, Inc. Completes Registration Statement With SEC and Becomes a Public Reporting Company

Our client, Guardion Health Sciences, Inc. (“Guardion”), based in San Diego, California, completed its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is now a public reporting company.

Guardion is a specialty health sciences company that develops, formulates and distributes condition-specific medical foods with an initial medical food product under the name Lumega-2®, that addresses a depleted macular protective pigment, which is a known risk factor for causing age-related macular degeneration (“AMD”), as well as computer vision syndrome (“CVS”).  Guardion has also developed a proprietary medical device, the Mapcat SF® that accurately measures the macular pigment optical density.  On November 8, 2016, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent Number 9,486,136 for the Mapcat SF® medical device.

Guardion is evaluating potential acquisitions of synergistic and “value added” technologies that may be interested in becoming part of a public company.  The Company is taking steps to create a public market for its common stock in early 2017.

For further information concerning Guardion, please contact Elliot H. Lutzker, Chair of our Corporate and Securities Department, at or (646) 428-3210.

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